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Hyperledger Bevel is an advanced automation framework tailored for the seamless deployment of robust, production-ready Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) networks on cloud-based infrastructures. Eliminating the need for intricate solution architecture, Bevel empowers teams to deliver with precision.

Key Features

  • Security Excellence: Bevel establishes a secure foundation for DLT development, implementing best practices in key management and providing essential security features by default.
  • Scalability at Its Core: Bevel's network implementation is designed for seamless scalability, allowing users to effortlessly expand their environment and resources according to project requirements.
  • Accelerated Deployment: Bevel expedites blockchain solution deployment, offering an opportunity for active participation and the acceleration of additional services.

Hyperledger Bevel serves as a pivotal accelerator, enabling developers to efficiently create a DLT environment. With Bevel, users not only expedite the creation of a DLT network but also ensure its suitability for continuous utilization throughout the project lifecycle.

Which platforms does Bevel Support?

Bevel currently supports the following DLT/Blockchain Platforms:

Get started with the pre-requisites to rapidly deploy blockchain networks.

You can also create a local development network on minikube.


If you have any questions about Bevel, ask on the bevel channel on Hyperledger Discord.

Learn more about the Hyperledger Foundation. You can also contribute to this project.