Blockchain Automation Framework

The Blockchain Automation Framework is an accelerator for delivering production-ready blockchain solutions, enabling teams to deliver without the need to architect the solution from scratch.

What is the Blockchain Automation Framework?

The Blockchain Automation Framework is an automation framework for delivering consistent production ready DLT networks on cloud based infrastructures.

The Blockchain Automation Framework (BAF) provides 3 key features:

  • Security: BAF provides a secure environment for DLT development. BAF has best practices of key management and other security features available by default.

  • Scalability: BAF has a scalable network implementation, a user can easily scale the environment and resources according to his/her needs.

  • Acceleration: BAF will help in providing a blockchain solution that drives acceleration up to deployment providing an oppourtunity to participate in those deliveries and drive more services.

It is an accelerator for all the developers to be able to use a DLT network right away. So with the Blockchain Automation Framework, users are able to create a DLT environment and know that it is something that will continue to be used as project management.