Developer Guide

Developing in Hyperledger Bevel involves the following:

  • Updating the Helm Charts to customize the deployments/jobs.

  • Updating the Ansible Roles to add new features to Bevel.

  • Testing the updated Ansible Roles and Charts.

Following guides provide a quickstart development environment, although for improved developer experience, developers should use a Linux based system which has all the tools installed as per the Ansible controller Dockerfile.


Bevel with minikube is not encouraged because it takes a lot more time than cloud deployments thereby resulting in poor developer experience.

Quickstart Guides

Additional Developer prerequisites

Sphinx tool

Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation. This tool is needed to build Hyperledger Bevel documentation from docs folder.

  • Sphinx version used 2.1.1

Sphinx installation: Follow the link to install sphinx documentation tool.

All Hyperledger Bevel documentation and Sphinx Configuration files ( are located in docs/source folder. To build the documentation, execute the following command from docs directory:

make html
# or for Windows
.\Make.bat html

Ansible Roles and Playbooks

Helm Charts

Jenkins Automation