Commands Reference

Below are various debugging commands that can be used

  • To login to a quorum node

    kubectl exec -it POD_NAME -n POD_NAMESPACE -c quorum -- geth attach "http://localhost:RPC_PORT"
    Ex. kubectl exec -it carrier-0 -n carrier-ns -c quorum -- geth attach "http://localhost:8546"
  • Get all the paritipants present in the network after logging into the node (for raft consensus based cluster)

  • Get node information (after logging into the node)

  • Get the peers attached to the current node (after loggin into the node)

  • Get the account details (after logging into the node)

  • Get retrieves the list of authorized validators at the specified block (for ibft consensus based cluster)

  • To access indy cli, in any terminal

  • To create a pool

     pool create local-pool gen_txn_file=<path of the genesis file>
  • To connect the pool

    pool connect <pool name>
  • To create a wallet

    wallet create <wallet name> <key>
  • To open a wallet

    wallet open <wallet name> <key>
  • To list the wallets

    wallet list
  • To delete a wallet

    wallet delete <wallet name> 
  • To create a new did

    did import <did file>
    did new
  • To create a pool

    pool create <pool name> gen_txn_file=<pool_genesis_path>
  • To open a pool

    pool connect <pool name>
  • To list the pool

    pool list
  • To execute a transaction on ledger

    ledger nym did=<did name> verkey=<key detail> role=<role name>
  • To get the transaction details

    ledger get-nym did=<did name>